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Investigation : En mode garçonne

juin 2, 2014
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Audrey Hepburn

It was a moment that I had not published a small ticket mood. So neither one nor two, rectify it immediately and here the following:

If one often says that trying to understand the behavior of women is a waste, instead trying to decipher that of men is not rocket science (so predictable … or almost). To do this, simply to catch delicately one of the many keys he has left there, prominently in the center of the room, or he has simply forgot to put safe from prying eyes. And you’re coming to the heart of his thoughts.
While we, dear ladies in distress , our sumptuous fortress it has been years that efforts be made ​​to consolidate and protect it at all costs. We must admit that for the vast majority, you put your heart into it every day. So it will take a sacred courage to try to do … Let’s give and instead let’s focus on the male race .

« Why does not he responding? »
« You think I should call her? »
« I expect how long before answering? »
« You think he’s serious? »
« I dress how ?  »
« What do I do on arrival? »
And other typically female endless waffle …

We must admit that in terms of seduction and other relationships , women pose a number of questions of all kinds as useless qu’incalculables, that complicate life. But reassure us, the men posed in just as much, if not sometimes more (but they are careful not to shout it from the rooftops, ego-manhood requires you understand;)).
So what better way to simplify life, than enter directly into the heads of our comrades and dear male to reproduce their behavior to the letter?

As Female World overbooked independent and respectable (just that ^^), it is time to take the power and throw his cell in the depths of our purse, an equivalent place to oblivion. Could not find it in our bazaar stored and therefore the period of hopeful eyes fixed like a fried whiting, pending the thing deign to vibrate, is over!

Between the neurotic, shy false, the narcissist, the rocking lover, the serial weeping, the asshole on too much, romantic Sunday, the desperate, the oaf … (the list goes on) as much fun calquant by their own behavior (evil laugh).
More seriously, perhaps is it my side emmerdeuse resurfaces, but what good is undermined for nothing? Too many women around me let themselves be led by the nose, so it’s time to reverse the trend. And surprisingly it ends up paying rather be.

After about a month of negotiations with  you on seduction on all fronts, which by the way is none other than my sidekick evenings (credibility is gone), my  intensive coaching could finally begin. So I had the opportunity to observe from a distance (crazy) laugh lips, in action on the ground, analyze its calculated replicas, tactics of sometimes dubious approach to my liking (he does not want I reveal because Mr. disagrees with the competition ^^) and its famous « sweet words stimulus » as he calls them.

And finally, with some nuances, the approach of the first process to the last smile sms (male cowardice ^^) is quite similar. The trick is knowing how to find the right balance between a slight disinterest, a degree of inaccessibility while being receptive enough (ve) to see him / her conquered (e). While a frank and uninhibited simpering art!

You will therefore understand, stupid but effective, the more one shows free and independent, the more the other will come running, even sprinting. So if Jules # 1 does not deign to answer, do not panic, No. 2 will be happy to take your mind.

The killer detail:

– Small impersonal text messages like « hi, see you? » we forget. They are sent to recipients at the same moult before selective sorting of choice is known.
– The subtle change in a female name male name (and vice versa) in the list of contacts to cover their tracks (Alex, Gab, and Lou you name it), thank you we do it too.

So pity gentlemen, be more creative … Or just have the guts to act like a woman time to time: D







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