My 2017 Bucket List

February 16, 2017
2017 Bucket List, New Year, Carrouselles

Before I begin, I wish you all a very happy New Year 2017!

I’ve already written an article on my good resolutions for 2016, then a reminder a little before the end of the year to take a step back. I must say that I’ve been rather surprised by achieving even more things than expected.

So 2017 can’t escape the rule, that’s why I am happy to share my Bucket List with you, hoping that everything will be successfully checked on the list within 365 days.
# 1 – Globe-trotter

Car, bus, boat, plane, walking, bike… 2016 was a crazy year to travel and bring back a lot of memories. That’s why I decided to set the bar quite high for 2017. Difficult to choose exactly on which destinations to stop this year. One thing is certain: the dream flamingos beach and Cuba (fingers crossed) are already at the top of my list. The rest is still a blank page. The 2017 goal? Visit at least 10 cities. Challenge accepted!


# 2 – Work Work Work

After a lot of back and forth, endless research on status, organization, countries etc, I finally managed to find THE solution to write more during my free time. Living in London requires a lot of organization, time and work, especially to manage juggle between France and England. But I do not regret this choice that allows me to work on different projects and to challenge my creativity. New year, new career? To be continued.


# 3 – Healthy goals

If my parents heard me they would be delighted to know the following… It’s a fact I’ve made a lot of progress on the healthy food level (I still need to do many efforts of course but it is already a good start). Next level? Gym (Um… I must be on my sixth year without any feet in sneakers other than for simple comfort). So after (finally) having good sneakers, a sports outfit as a Christmas gift (subliminal message) I have no excuses, I will have to get seriously back to it.


# 4 – Quadrilingual

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve said it, but I’ve got to start learning a new language. Easy to say, but the practice is slightly more complex as it takes time and money when you are not lucky enough to have lessons through your work. The solution: podcasts or apps like Duolingo for example, but let’s be honest, it is impossible (at least for me) to learn a language like that. These options would be ideal in addition to lessons. Conclusion: I need to find evening classes.


# 5 – Chapter 1

It will take me months, maybe even years. The plan is there, the motivation too. The time, less so. Getting started on writing a novel has been set aside for a while now because of my daily life and my life choices, but the original idea remains unchanged. So this year, if I find a way to kill the blank page and seriously kick off on this project, even if it’s only the first chapter, I would be more than happy.


Feel free to share your own Bucket List to give ideas 🙂


2017 Bucket List, New Year, Carrouselles

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