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Instant Crush : top 5 favorites

February 16, 2017
Artemise Design Co, Carrouselles

New year, meaning even more places to try out. Hidden food places, coffee shops, cute brands or discoveries… It’s really hard to choose between all my favorites. So here is a first choice, let’s start the year with the top 5 among my (endless) list. Attention please, there is a serious risk of addiction.

#1. Oriental Feel

Artemise Design Co, Carrouselles

A name and creations that instantly invite you to travel: Artemis Design Co. This fashion brand created by the young designer Milicent Armstrong reuses authentic textiles of traditional carpets coming straight from Turkey. Travel bags, handbags, shoes and other accessories… Oriental prints travel through the various collections of the brand. The handmade “Flying Carpet Shoes” created from Killim carpets, have a phenomenal success in the States. Each collection is in limited edition, which ensures new launches on a regular basis.

The only little problem: the brand is American so unfortunately impossible to get delivered in Europe at the moment. I’m afraid the little moccasins I spotted will have to wait a little longer. Sigh.

#2. Literary Twist

Balzac paris, Carrouselles, Parisian fashion brand

Tired of clothes that do not pass the first washing-machine test? So let’s take a look at the cutest eshop of the young French brand, Balzac Paris. The very first mission of the three founders was to make the famous bow tie trendy everyday. Challenge accepted. Balzac takes off and then has the great idea to create jumpers in honor of the most iconic French authors couples. Love at first sight.

Oh and remember to keep an eye on the website, limited editions change with the seasons.

#3. Intoxicating Scent

Byredo candle, Carrouselles

Between the “Bibliothèque” or “Tree House” scents created by Byredo, my heart swings. But when I finally had the chance to try the Carousel scented candle (and not just because of its pretty name obviously), I was totally smitten.

Poetically described as an “infectious moment of joy” this sweet fruity and fresh mix will draw you back into your childhood memories. I personally love to keep a small collection of candles in my bedroom but it’s also a nice decoration in a bathroom. Not to mention that it lasts up to 60 hours. Just saying.

#4. Little Treats

Dominique Ansel Bakery London, Carrouselles

Donut or croissant? Dilemma. Finally over thanks to the French Pastry Chef, Dominique Ansel, with his genious idea to create the Cronut. The invention of the century. This hybrid treat, created in 2013, has been a great success around the world.

The icing on the cake: he even opened a bakery in the heart of London. You have to try it!

#5. Velvet Box

Fête Impériale, fashion, Carrouselles

I often thought that velvet was quite hard to wear everyday without looking too kitsch. For a few months this fabric was everywhere on catwalks and I finally found myself scrolling through some velvet pieces. That’s how I discovered the pretty Parisian brand, Fête Impériale.

Impossible not to fall in love with vintage and poetic collections like La Madeleine de Proust or Posh Bird. My favorite, is the pretty black dress called Amélie. You will also have the choice among Olympe, Clothilde, Colette and many others. Prices are slightly higher than average but you also have to allow yourself to spend more if it’s worth it from time to time.

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