Hygge, the Danish art of happiness

February 16, 2017
Hygge, Danish art of happiness, Carrouselles

Hygge, Dnaish Art of Happiness, Carrouselles

Hygge, pronounced “ugueu”, comes straight from Denmark. This is certainly not a new concept since it is one of the foundations of the Scandinavian way of living. That can probably explain the reason why Denmark remains the first happiest country in the world. It just took a little while for this concept to finally cross our borders.

Despite the fact that there is not much daylight during winter (nighttime falls around mid-afternoon) and the weather is more than freezing, Danish people have managed to find the secret to achieve ever lasting happiness.
Whether it is the way we organize our home, our everyday habits, past moments surrounded by our loved ones or simply the words we choose to express ourselves, every single detail of our life is crucial. Everything is thought to enjoy the now. And Danish people have perfectly integrated the Hygge art of living from childhood.


Hygge, Danish way of life, Carrouselles


They seek for a personal fulfillment that they also want to share with their love ones. Hygge is a way of behaving, expressing oneself, thinking, eating and simply living.
Danes, for example, make a point to transform their homes in a warm, cozy and functional place to peacefully live with the family. One value: simplicity.

Hygge will therefore have different meanings depending on what you decide to make of it. Some will materialize this concept with family moments, creative projects, meetings, trips or even small treats everyday. The aim is to find our comfort zone and well-being.


Hygge, Danish way of life, Carrouselles


Here is my understanding of Hygge:
1. Hibernation: There is nothing better than being wrapped under the duvet, in a blanket while listening to the rain or watching the snowflakes slowly fall outside. Binge-watching a TV show with friends is even better. This is called “hyggeling home“.

2. Take time for yourself: fresh walks, meditation, reading breaks, relaxing playlists or writing in my case, it is essential to allow time for yourself.

3. Homemade recipe: Hygge is also a concept that can be eaten at the table. Enjoy a healthy meal for two, with friends, family or colleagues. Have fun cooking fresh ingredients.

4. Cozy nest: the idea here is not to redo your entire home but to make some adjustments. Use a table lamp to get a soft glow in your room, put fresh flowers or plants around the house, use scented candles. Everything is worth it to get a calm atmosphere.


What would your Hygge list be?

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