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Design Detox : dusty rose palette

February 16, 2017
Dusty Pink sofa Loaf, carrouselles

Forget the total monochrome look as a reference in design. Of course, I think black and white will always be a basic for interiors but it might be time to dare to express your creativity.

One of the things that particularly hit me when I was comparing different design styles by country, is that there are certainly many similarities, but so many differences that can’t be ignored. One of the main differences beyond the design and style of furniture, is the use of color.

In France for example, most of the walls remain very neutral in a palette of beige or white, while some other countries are much more tempted by pastel colors or even pop prints.
Not to mention that each color has specific properties depending on the atmosphere you want to create in the room of your choice.

Be ready, this season, it will be necessary to go for a relaxing palette to have a soothing detox at home.
Let’s focus on the Dusty Rose.


Dusty Rose inetrior inspiration, Carrouselles



One of the Pantone colors of the year, Rose Quartz makes a noticeable entry in design.
Generally combined with  Serenity blue, this shade can be infinitely used. And the favorite spot these days: sofas and armchairs.

Blush pink can be subtly combined with copper or brass accessories. Far from the sweetened clichés, the result is very elegant. The only thing to keep in min is to know how to dose this color and avoid overloading the room.

The perfect inspiration to balance your “comfort zone” at home.


Quartz Rose and Serenity Blue, Pantone color of the year, Carrouselles

Dusty rose pink sofa, inetrior inspiration, Carrouselles Pastel design inspiration, Carrouselles

Interior inspiration dusty rose, Carrouslles

Interior inspiration bathroom, Carrouselles Inspiration dining room pastel, Carrouselles

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